Swinging for Winter Steelhead

Hit the river today to chase some winter steelhead. I had my hopes high because I have put in a lot of hours chasing my first swung fly steelhead.


I am happy to say that my skunk has been lift as the river rewarded my hard work with this beauty on my second cast! My new Mystic switch rod was amazing.

We ended up landing four nice steelhead, and a couple of trout!


It was an amazing day on the river with a great friend.


See you on the river!


Fighting The Freeze


What a better way to celebrate Black Friday then out chasing Chromers on the river?

PT dragged me out this morning and is definitely in his element swinging flies for winter steelhead.

It’s a little chilly but it beats the hell out of dealing with people on this crazy day…or just about anything else.

Tight lines,


Fall Chroming


Fall Steelhead fishing is in full swing. We hit the Pere Marquette river yesterday, and found low and clear water. We never connected with a fish, but we sure had a good time. It’s days like this that make you realize you don’t have to catch fish to have fun, but its more fun when you do.


Lots of dead King Salmon dead after spawning. They give the river this great rotting flesh scent.

Tight lines,



Hitting The River For some Steelhead

Just launching the Clacka on the St. Joe river. Rumor has it the steelhead are in… Not thick but they are there. We are going to see what we can do.

Have a great day,



Playin’ Hookie

Today was absolutely one hell of a day. I ended up getting out of work at 2 and decide to play hookie for the rest of the day. So i headed up north to get a couple hours of relaxation on the river chasing spring Steelies with my fly rod.

I expected the river to be crowded but was amazed to only find 3 guys fishing… And none of them were in my spot. I fished hard for 2 hours only landing a couple trout to keep me going. Then an hour before dark as the sun set everyone else went home and left me alone on the river. I was relishing the serenity and time alone on the river and was happy to just have the water rushing past my knees when it happened.

The fish turned on and for the next hour I could hardly keep them off my line. To me there is nothing quite as amazing as an evening on the stream alone; but when the fishing is good too it is simply awe inspiring.

I ended up landing two fish after fighting great battles with 6 others in addition to the 3 nice trout I landed. With the sky aglow in a spring sunset and a steelhead slipping out of my hand to return to the river I had to sit down on the bank and soak it all in for a moment and humbly realize just how blessed I am.


My first Steelie of the year was a beautiful male that put up one heck of a fight.

Started the day with this nice 14 inch Brown Trout. Gotta love fishing in Michigan.



Dad and I finally got out to chase some fine Michigan steelhead. We headed to our favorite river, the famed Pere Marquette.

When we arrived at the butt crack of dawn we encountered a Clackacraft traffic jam…. I knew it was going to be a busy day on the river.


The fishing was tough, the fish were there but because of the warm spring we have had, the fish had seen almost every fly know to man! I managed to hook up first with this beauty.


Not to be out done Dad landed this amazing female not a half hour later!


Overall, we could have landed more fish. Going 2 for 12 is not normal but I was thankful to spend a wonderful day on the river.

Tight lines,