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Fletching Arrows

Tonight is a perfect evening for fletching up some more arrows and repairing a couple others from my last 3D shoot. This is a very relaxing activity and it can also save you some money! Shoot straight! Tex

Mowing Clover Food Plots

Fall is in the air here in Michigan! Today was a fabulous day for mowing some of my food plots and enjoying the nice cool fall like weather. I like to mow my clover plots about 4-5 times a season to reduce weed competition and grass encroachment. We have found that deer prefer the tender…

New 3D Archery Targets

I Just purchased a couple new 3D archery targets this past week to begin setting up my course here at the cabin. I have done a fair bit of research online trying to find the best 3D targets at the most reasonable price ($80 – $200). I have run into many mixed reviews on most…