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Scouting the North Woods

We scouted the big woods all day and were pleasantly surprised with the amount of deer activity and sign! I found this awesome hardwood ridge between two swamps with a bunch of deer activity to hide my blind, still keeping some good visibility around me. While we were setting up and brushing in my blind,…

North Woods Deer Camp

It’s time to head up to the great north once again for a week of hunting with my Dad and few other relatives. The weather looks to be perfect this week with a slight dusting of snow and a cool crisp breeze. Life is good my friends! Tex

It’s Whitetail Time!

Well it that time of year when the leaves start falling and that action heats up. I’ve already seen some great rut activity and am looking forward to prime time. Got some pretty nice things planned for this season so stay tuned!

Happy Food Plots

Outside today at the cabin checking on my Frigid Forage food plots after the long Michigan winter. Everything looks amazing and it appears the deer have been enjoying the plots already this Spring! Tex

Deer Camp

I look forward to spending a week away in the north woods with my father each season at hunting camp! This is the man responsible for my crazy hunting/outdoors addiction and love him very much! We are looking forward to getting out in the woods tomorrow morning for opening day of the 2012 Michigan gun…