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Connor finds a shed!

It didn’t take much to get Connor away from Saturday morning cartoons after telling him I was going to our property to check my newly planted food plot and set another trailcam After checking our newly planted Frigid Forage Wildgame Buffet and seeing that it was sprouting nicely after the rain we got last night,…

Happy Food Plots

Outside today at the cabin checking on my Frigid Forage food plots after the long Michigan winter. Everything looks amazing and it appears the deer have been enjoying the plots already this Spring! Tex

The timber hole

All our hard work this summer and fall on the FLG Down Patrol timber hole is finally complete. We are now just maintaining water levels and waiting on the migration. Wood ducks are using the creek as well as the new pools. Lots of acorns and pecans have fallen in the water. There is some…