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Great Day in The Office

Been having a blast up north predator hunting. Had a few coyotes in so far but no luck getting em in the dirt. Ready to keep on trucking tomorrow and get some fur in the truck.

Swinging for Winter Steelhead

Hit the river today to chase some winter steelhead. I had my hopes high because I have put in a lot of hours chasing my first swung fly steelhead. I am happy to say that my skunk has been lift as the river rewarded my hard work with this beauty on my second cast! My…

Brushing in Late Season Ground blinds

Well it’s that time of the season when you have to start working a little harder to avoid eating a tag sandwich. Tex and I just finished brushing in two sweet ground blinds in prime late season spots. Hopefully this property still has a monster hanging around! Stay tuned…This could be good! Opie

Whitetails On The Snow

Out sitting in the ground blind with Tex trying to whack a monster buck with the smokestick and paint this fresh snow red. Opie

Fighting The Freeze

What a better way to celebrate Black Friday then out chasing Chromers on the river? PT dragged me out this morning and is definitely in his element swinging flies for winter steelhead. It’s a little chilly but it beats the hell out of dealing with people on this crazy day…or just about anything else. Tight…

Hanging Out In Big Buck Country With @huntography

Pretty slow morning so far. Had a coyote at 5 yards but I couldn’t get my gun fast enough. Not hearing a lot of shots for the first Saturday of gun season. Should heat up soon….hopefully.