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It’s Whitetail Time!

Well it that time of year when the leaves start falling and that action heats up. I’ve already seen some great rut activity and am looking forward to prime time. Got some pretty nice things planned for this season so stay tuned!

Getting The Farm Ready For Fall

Been working really hard over the past few weeks to get all of my mowing done on my clover plots. The farm got hit really hard last summer with EHD and the deer population is really down. But whether it is force of habit or just plain old curiosity I decided to put out some…

Brushing in Late Season Ground blinds

Well it’s that time of the season when you have to start working a little harder to avoid eating a tag sandwich. Tex and I just finished brushing in two sweet ground blinds in prime late season spots. Hopefully this property still has a monster hanging around! Stay tuned…This could be good! Opie

Hanging Out In Big Buck Country With @huntography

Pretty slow morning so far. Had a coyote at 5 yards but I couldn’t get my gun fast enough. Not hearing a lot of shots for the first Saturday of gun season. Should heat up soon….hopefully.

#DeerTour Time With Huntography

Well Huntography is in town and it’s time to spill some blood on Deertour 2012. Let the good times begin!

Tex Hands Out A T3 Dirtnap

Tex and I had an awesome afternoon in the woods today. It’s November 4th and the rut is in full swing. Lots of deer chasing and lots of action in the woods. We even managed to call in the first coyote of the year. Tex did what he does best and smoked a nice mature…