A Little 3D Archery Fun


Sunday mornings in August mean its time to head to the range to have some fun with the boys.


Tex and I met up with a good hunting buddy of ours the morning for 3D archery league at the Potawatomi Bowmen course.

Shooting a challenging course is always a great way to get into shape for whitetail season. I also wore some of the gear ill be taking out west on my elk hunt including a 15 pound pack to help me prepare for a showdown with a great wapiti. Definitely added another element to the shoot.


As always we had a blast and questioned ourselves on why we don’t shoot 3D more often. And of course Tex being the deadeye that he is had to outshoot me again.

Shoot Straight,



Getting The Farm Ready For Fall


Been working really hard over the past few weeks to get all of my mowing done on my clover plots.

The farm got hit really hard last summer with EHD and the deer population is really down. But whether it is force of habit or just plain old curiosity I decided to put out some trail cams to see what’s hanging around.

Decided to try out some Big & J minerals to see how they work at the recommendation from the boys over at Dream Chasers.

This farm is usually great at producing nice deer so it will be interesting to see who made it past the EHD.


Trail Cam Highlights Week 1

20130817-164329.jpgIt’s always fun to pull the first memory card of the season and see what kind of visitors I’ve had. 427 total pictures in the last week on this particular camera with a bunch of great shots.

20130817-164727.jpgA large group of turkeys feeding in the food plot during the morning hours.

20130817-164901.jpgNice little buck looking on as a mature doe and two young fawns with spots eat a little breakfast.

20130817-165043.jpgBeautiful looking Red Fox.


It’s Trail Camera Time

I am out enjoying this beautiful summer afternoon at the cabin getting my trail cameras positioned around the property to hopefully get some deer porn rolling in! Whitetail season is just around the corner and its setting up to be a killer season if this cooling trend continues into fall here in Michigan.


Mowing Clover Food Plots

Fall is in the air here in Michigan! Today was a fabulous day for mowing some of my food plots and enjoying the nice cool fall like weather.

I like to mow my clover plots about 4-5 times a season to reduce weed competition and grass encroachment. We have found that deer prefer the tender young shoots that the clover plants produce after a low mowing of about 4-8″, basically cut on a hay schedule here in Michigan.

Whitetail season is right around the corner so get out and make sure your plots are happy!

Shoot Straight!


New 3D Archery Targets

I Just purchased a couple new 3D archery targets this past week to begin setting up my course here at the cabin. I have done a fair bit of research online trying to find the best 3D targets at the most reasonable price ($80 – $200). I have run into many mixed reviews on most all 3D targets on the market today, with a couple potential standouts. There are a few targets out there with some pretty “good” reviews in my research, so I decided to start with them and I hope to add more in the future so I can review them as well.

This target is the GlenDel 5X Buck ($149). The GlenDel Buck has a body size of a 200lb. live weight deer and offers 5 times the insert-shooting surface of comparable 3-D deer targets. I have shot about 25 arrows into this target so far and it’s performed absolutely perfectly up to this point!

Rinehart Woodland Buck ($149). Ultra durable and rugged FX foam with Rinehart signature self healing foam insert. This target is proof that good things come in small packages! I have been very pleased with the performance of this target so far, and I can see why Rinehart makes one of the best.

I hope to add a couple more bucks here yet this summer and continue my quest on finding the best 3D archery target and completing my course here at the cabin! Stay turned for a more in depth formal review on each target as the year progresses and the targets age.

Happy shooting