Having a Blast U.P. North


We’ve been having a blast up in the beautiful wilderness of michigan’s upper peninsula. High winds put a damper on the calling conditions for coyotes today but the scenery was very enjoyable.

We’ll be up and at em early in the morning and hopefully have some fur on the snow in the morning.

Shoot straight,

Opie and Tex

FLG Road Trip: Heading To the UP

Heading up to the big woods for the weekend to play in the snow with some predators. Meeting up with our good friend and living legend Bob Patrick with Rare Earth Predator Calls. This trip should make for another memorable FLG road trip!

Tex & Opie

Super Bowl Coyote


Had a little time this afternoon before everyone showed up for the Super Bowl party. In a casual manner I asked my girlfriend if she wanted to go coyote hunting for a half hour since the conditions were perfect. I was pleasantly surprised when she said yes so I got stuff ready and we headed out.

We sat on the edge of a small swamp and I began calling. About 4 minutes into my sequence she came poking out of the brush looking around for the tasty rabbit she was hearing. I settled the crosshairs on her chest and the 40gr vmax dropped her in her tracks.

As i looked at the clock on my car as i pulled into the driveway it was exactly a half hour door to door. What a great hunt. It’s funny just how perfectly things happen sometimes.

Shoot straight,





Calling Coyotes with Rare Earth Calls

Having a blast this weekend chasing Coyotes in Southwest Michigan with Predator Hunting Royalty Robert Patrick and Yotehead of Rare Earth Predator Calls. The weather has been beautiful so far and the mighty Coyote has been coming to our calls, although he has yet to give himself up to us this weekend so far.

Tomorrow looks like another beautiful day to be out in the snow tangling with nature’s most successful predator and we will definitely be enjoying the moment.

If you are looking for the best predator calls on the market I highly suggest that you give Rare Earth a call at 1.906.484.3429. Tell Bob the boys from FLG sent you and you are sure to be treated like family.

Shoot Straight,


A Surprise Double Kill


The temperature this morning was 5 degrees with a windchill in the negative numbers and I had the day off of work. I couldn’t think of anything I’d rather do then to spend the day chasing predators.

I was on my second set on a new piece of land just after noon overlooking a swamp and creek.

After starting out with some rodent sounds I switched to a raspy cottontail on a different hand call. As I scanned the swamp I caught movement out of the corner of my eye…CLOSE! I turned my head in time to see a big boar coon barreling towards me at 20 yards. I quickly dropped my call and before I could get him in the crosshairs he had turned 180 degrees and ran behind some brush. I resumed calling and instantly he charged again. When he reached 15 yards he stopped, I pulled the trigger to a loud click… I had forgot to chamber a round. He again returned where he came from as I loaded my gun. As I resumed calling he charged once more and at 20 yards my 40 grain bullet found its mark between his eyes.

I continued calling and noticed another set of eyes peaking out from behind a tree. After a few minutes another big coon showed himself and a second bullet found its mark.

They weren’t the coyotes that I was hoping for on that set but it sure made for an exciting time.

That’s why I love predator hunting. You just never quite know what you’re going to get.

Shoot straight!