A Surprise Double Kill


The temperature this morning was 5 degrees with a windchill in the negative numbers and I had the day off of work. I couldn’t think of anything I’d rather do then to spend the day chasing predators.

I was on my second set on a new piece of land just after noon overlooking a swamp and creek.

After starting out with some rodent sounds I switched to a raspy cottontail on a different hand call. As I scanned the swamp I caught movement out of the corner of my eye…CLOSE! I turned my head in time to see a big boar coon barreling towards me at 20 yards. I quickly dropped my call and before I could get him in the crosshairs he had turned 180 degrees and ran behind some brush. I resumed calling and instantly he charged again. When he reached 15 yards he stopped, I pulled the trigger to a loud click… I had forgot to chamber a round. He again returned where he came from as I loaded my gun. As I resumed calling he charged once more and at 20 yards my 40 grain bullet found its mark between his eyes.

I continued calling and noticed another set of eyes peaking out from behind a tree. After a few minutes another big coon showed himself and a second bullet found its mark.

They weren’t the coyotes that I was hoping for on that set but it sure made for an exciting time.

That’s why I love predator hunting. You just never quite know what you’re going to get.

Shoot straight!


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