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Well I Thought That Would Be A Coyote For Sure

Went out to some state land tonight to try and call in a coyote before our weather warms up tomorrow. I thought this spot would definitely produced a dog but nada. I guess that’s why they call it hunting. Beautiful evening though which was amazing. Opie

Bagging Big Bucks

Well we had a tough deer season here in Michigan. Early season had us hopeful that we would really get into the deer but the deer and conditions just wouldn’t cooperate. We were plagued with warm temperatures, huge storms, rain and wind. Add to those factors a bright full moon during peak rut times and…

Heading North For Predators

Well the FLG Predator Team is headed north. As I write this Tex and I are driving through the fog headed up to Cadillac, Michigan to call Coyotes and Bobcats all weekend. The weather has warmed over the past few days and most of the snow has faded which will make the hunt a little…