Heading North For Predators

Well the FLG Predator Team is headed north. As I write this Tex and I are driving through the fog headed up to Cadillac, Michigan to call Coyotes and Bobcats all weekend.

The weather has warmed over the past few days and most of the snow has faded which will make the hunt a little more difficult. Tomorrow is supposed to bring colder weather and snow before the mercury drops out of the thermometer Sunday afternoon. Tomorrow is also the opener for Bobcat season here in Michigan which has me really pumped up.

Hopefully the predators will all be hungry and trying to find a warm meal before this storm hits and will readily come to our distress calls.

The Jeep is loaded down with our arsenal of predator slaying weapons and gear so we should be prepared for anything that comes our way this weekend.

We’ll be at our destination in about 30 minutes and are hoping to find a fish fry to feast on before have a few beam and cokes as the ball drops tonight.

I hope everyone is ready for one hell of a ride in 2011. Happy New Years.

Shoot Straight,


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