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Crunch Time Coyotes

Well I was hoping to sneak out of work early to go deer hunting tonight. We have a huge storm sitting on us right now and the deer should be moving. Unfortunately It was 5:15 before I could leave work which left me exactly 25 minutes until the end of shooting light. Not enough time…

First Coyote of the Year

Last week while out hunting Whitetails sitting in my stand on the fencerow pictured above I counted 5 different coyotes from my stand, called in two and had two shots which resulted in no dead coyotes (you’d be surprised at how effective coyotes are at dodging arrows). I have managed this property for game animals…

Super Bowl Coyote

Had a little time this afternoon before everyone showed up for the Super Bowl party. In a casual manner I asked my girlfriend if she wanted to go coyote hunting for a half hour since the conditions were perfect. I was pleasantly surprised when she said yes so I got stuff ready and we headed…

Coyote Fever

Had this coyote come through the other night while deer hunting. Squeeked him into 30 yards but Tex couldn’t get a clear shot with his bow. Sure gets my blood pumping for coyote season.

Well I Thought That Would Be A Coyote For Sure

Went out to some state land tonight to try and call in a coyote before our weather warms up tomorrow. I thought this spot would definitely produced a dog but nada. I guess that’s why they call it hunting. Beautiful evening though which was amazing. Opie

It’s An Addiction Not A Problem

Man do I love predator hunting. There’s nothing like being out on a winter morning as the sun comes up over the horizon. Sure does beat sleeping in. Tex snapped this picture this morning as we crossed the ice heading back from a set. It’s a great day to be alive! Opie