Crunch Time Coyotes


Well I was hoping to sneak out of work early to go deer hunting tonight. We have a huge storm sitting on us right now and the deer should be moving.

Unfortunately It was 5:15 before I could leave work which left me exactly 25 minutes until the end of shooting light. Not enough time for deer hunting but just enough to get into my favorite predator spot for a quick call.

I settled in behind my rifle and let out a series of cottontail distress aimed at the swamp in from of me. I called on and off for 5 minutes before I saw a coyote heading away from me 40 yards away in the thick swamp brush. It was the big dog I’ve been after for a while and damned if he didn’t beat me again.

I continued my calling sequence and after 5 more minutes a second coyote showed itself and came trotting out of the swamp 30 yards to my left stopping behind a big maple tree.

Some patience and gentle coaxing lured the coyote to 20 yards where she presented a clean head shot. I settled the crosshairs between her eyes and I watched as she dropped like a bag of rocks.

Less than 20 minutes on stand and I had 2 coyotes show up within 50 yards and had one over my shoulder on my way to the car. Goes to show that keeping your gear in your car and taking advantage of every calling opportunity can sure pay off.

Looking forward to really getting into the swing of predators soon.

Shoot straight.



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