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FLG Road Trip: Heading To the UP

Heading up to the big woods for the weekend to play in the snow with some predators. Meeting up with our good friend and living legend Bob Patrick with Rare Earth Predator Calls. This trip should make for another memorable FLG road trip! Tex & Opie

A Surprise Double Kill

The temperature this morning was 5 degrees with a windchill in the negative numbers and I had the day off of work. I couldn’t think of anything I’d rather do then to spend the day chasing predators. I was on my second set on a new piece of land just after noon overlooking a swamp…

It’s An Addiction Not A Problem

Man do I love predator hunting. There’s nothing like being out on a winter morning as the sun comes up over the horizon. Sure does beat sleeping in. Tex snapped this picture this morning as we crossed the ice heading back from a set. It’s a great day to be alive! Opie