It’s Whitetail Time!

Well it that time of year when the leaves start falling and that action heats up. I’ve already seen some great rut activity and am looking forward to prime time. Got some pretty nice things planned for this season so stay tuned!

FLG Road Trip: Colorado Elk Hunting

Currently finishing up 30 hours in the truck heading to southwest Colorado to chase the great wapiti. Look forward to some great updates. Opie

Fletching Arrows

Tonight is a perfect evening for fletching up some more arrows and repairing a couple others from my last 3D shoot. This is a very relaxing activity and it can also save you some money! Shoot straight! Tex

A Little 3D Archery Fun

Sunday mornings in August mean its time to head to the range to have some fun with the boys. Tex and I met up with a good hunting buddy of ours the morning for 3D archery league at the Potawatomi Bowmen course. Shooting a challenging course is always a great way to get into shape…

Getting The Farm Ready For Fall

Been working really hard over the past few weeks to get all of my mowing done on my clover plots. The farm got hit really hard last summer with EHD and the deer population is really down. But whether it is force of habit or just plain old curiosity I decided to put out some…

Trail Cam Highlights Week 1

It’s always fun to pull the first memory card of the season and see what kind of visitors I’ve had. 427 total pictures in the last week on this particular camera with a bunch of great shots. A large group of turkeys feeding in the food plot during the morning hours. Nice little buck looking…