Change of plans

Well every once and awhile fishing plans fall through. Today was one of those days, I got the text at 6:30 this morning the my fishing partner was sick. This actually really rare with the group of guys I fish with, so I was caught off guard with no back-up plans.

So what to do when the sun is shinning and warming up? I took my chocolate lab Georgia to chase some bunnies. She is getting a little older and honestly is a horrible rabbit dog, I tried to tell her to stick to ducks and pheasants, but when she sees a gun come out she will not be left behind.

We had a wonderful walk and a expected saw zero bunnies. The funny thing is I didn’t care and neither did she. It was wonderful to get outside, but I would have much rather been on the river playing with some fresh steelhead. Spending time with my dog and just slowing down is good for the soul.

Tight lines,




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