Gold Tip Steps into the Small Diameter Arrow Shaft Arena

The New Gold Tip Velocity Hunter

Well if you are an archer like me, you know that you are always watching the horizon for new arrows. Not just name changes but actual new arrow designs. Well my friends, Gold Tip has stepped up this year into the slim shaft diameter arrow market. For years Easton has enjoyed being one of the only companies to offer a small diameter arrow shafts. Their wildly popular Full Metal Jacket, Nano and Axis series arrows are just some of their newest offerings but slim arrow shaft design has always been on their radar.

Gold Tip’s new Kinetic hunting arrows come in their standard Hunter, XT and Pro in spines from .500 down to .200. The arrows inside diameter is .204 compared to .246 in their standard hunting shafts. The Kinetics are going to have their own set of accu-tough inserts and nocks as well as a 9/32 screw in point. You might be asking, “what does this mean for me?” Lets take for instance a shaft of 29 inches in length. In a 75/95, their normal hunting arrows, it would have an outside diameter of .300 and a spine of .340 while weighing in at 258.1 grains with a surface area of 27.47 inches. The new Kinetic shaft in a .300 spine would have an outside diameter of .275 and weighs in at 301.4 grains all with a surface area of 25.17 inches. Thats a whole 2 inches smaller total surface area, 8.4 percent smaller in fact, while weighing 43.5 grains more.

So what does all that mean? Well it means you can shoot an arrow that weighs more but is smaller therefore allowing it to fly with more stability, be less affected by wind and penetrate further. So next time there is the buck of a lifetime standing at 40 yards in a cross breeze you will have the confidence to put him on the wall. The Kinetic series is expected to hit the shelves in February so get out to your local dealer and cycle a few through your bow.

Shoot Straight,

“The Rocket”

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