We Have Snow on the Ground

Well we are covered in the white fluffy stuff here in First Light Gear country which has me pretty excited.

Have been out a couple times getting all our Coyote spots scouted out and have made a few sets. Still getting the rust off the calls and gear from last year and getting primed up for some serious hunting.

We had a team shoot on saturday which was a ton of fun and all our predator rifles are dialed right in at 200 yards. I definitely wouldn’t want to be within 500 yds of the business end of the team’s rifles if I was a coyote.

That’s all the news for now. Have some great video that tex will have up shortly that I’m sure everyone will enjoy.

EDIT: Check out the Team Video Page for the latest video of our Team shoot the other day… Click Here To Watch

Shoot Straight,


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