Steelhead Bum or Bummed Steelheader


I had grandiose plans for the weekend of spending all day on the stream chasing spring steelhead and having fun relaxing. Turns out Mother Nature had other plans and dumped a whole pile of rain on us this week causing the rivers to all blow out. And to top it all off it’s snowing, blowing and cold today. Go figure.

I’m pretty bummed out because PT snuck out fishing on Tuesday an absolutely slayed the steelhead which puts me seriously behind in the FLG Steelhead challenge.

The run is hot and heavy right now and there is still some time left so I might have a chance at redemption once the rivers come down.

I sure hope that’s the case or PT isn’t going to let me live down the defeat.


At least one of the boys is out there getting it done. Nice work PT.

Tight lines,


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