Tex Hands Out a Powder Nap

Opie wasn’t able to hunt today so I spent the day in the woods solo. First few sets were cold but I was seeing good sign on most all of my properties. On the last set of the afternoon I called in a double at the 10 min mark. I saw them flashing through the brush at about 150 yards, they held up at a little over 100 yards behind some brush and I just couldn’t get a clear shot. After about a minute of them milling around I gave them a little bit of coaxing and had one coming in hard. I waited for a clean shot through the CRP and let the Model Seven rip. Dead Coyote! I wasn’t able to get a shot on the second coyote as it retreated back into cover right after I shot the first. All I used was my Rare Earth Howler and a little poke at the HSB a few times. Heck of a day in the woods today and a lot of fun! Gotta give a huge thanks to Yotehead Ed and Bob at Rare Earth Predator Calls. They are both great guys and amazing predator hunters who have taught me a great deal! Thanks guys!!



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