Whitetail Season is Winding Down

Well it’s December 17th which means we only have 2 days left for Muzzleloader Whitetail season and 14 days left in late Archery season here in Michigan. Everybody is down to their last chance for filling the freezer before we head into the long grey Michigan winter. I personally haven’t been focusing on Whitetails lately and have been opting instead to try and get an early jump on the local Coyote population.

Last night Tex, Jason and I went to some local land to make a Coyote set before it got dark (yeah we snuck out of work early to go sit in the snow), we didn’t get the Coyotes we were going for but we certainly got an adrenalin rush. Tex had just finished a series of rabbit distress calls on his hand call when we were startled by the thumping sound of several large animals running towards us from behind the hill where we were set up. We all turned around to see what was coming at us just in time to see a mature whitetail doe crest the hill 30 yards behind us at a dead run (she was really hauling the mail). I immediately stood up as she barreled towards us which caused her to spook. She tried to hit the breaks but the combination of the snow, hillside and her speed prevented her from slowing down and just caused her to start sliding. All of a sudden her front hooves caught on something and she somersaulted onto her back and slid on her back within inches of Tex who was trying to roll / duck out of her way. She made a couple additional rolls as she slid past Tex and managed to land on her feet and take off again without loosing a touch of speed. All of us were still in shock as immediately another doe crested the hill going equally as fast heading straight for Jason. Flustered in the crosshairs of 150 lbs of venison and not wanting to be steamrolled by a deer going that fast, Jason began waving his .223 in the air in an attempt to alert her to his presence and avoid a direct collision. The doe saw him but it was too late for her to stop or hit the brakes so she went airborn in what can only be likened to a NFL running back trying to avoid a tackle, Jason ducked as she jumped over/by him and landed in the brush and bounded off in the direction of the first doe.

We all couldn’t help but lay there in the snow laughing and overcome with amazement and shock. I think that we came away with a couple lessons learned. First is that Cabela’s Seclusion snow camo is REALLY effective for Whitetails and second that no matter how ready you think you are mother nature always has a few tricks up her sleeve.

Definitely made for a memorable night and we had some fun so that’s what really matters.

Heading out too the woods in a couple minutes to try and arrow a nice doe on camera tonight in the snow and cold. I’m sure we’ll have some more stories to tell tomorrow.

Shoot Straight and Have Fun,


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