Review: Hawke Panorama EV RifleScope 4-12X40

I have been hearing about Hawke Optics for the last year and I have been looking forward to the opportunity to get my hands on a Hawke Riflescope and see what they are all about. The opportunity came at the perfect time when I picked up a .17 Remington in January that needed optics.

I had decided already that I wanted to try a Hawke riflescope but had a hard time settling on the best option. The gun will be primarily used for coyote hunting mostly in Michigan so there are a lot of requirements for my optics. After speaking with a Hawke representative I ordered the Panorama EV in 4-12×40. This scope has a very reasonable price point of $239.99 and I was looking forward to testing it on the points that matter most to me as a predator caller; low light performance, field of view, reticle performance and durability.

Looking through the scope for the first time I was immediately impressed with the clarity of the glass and really liked the new reticle system. Although I had been previously unimpressed with illuminated reticles on other scopes, the dual color illumination of the ½ mil-dot reticle on the Panorama EV was something I could see myself really enjoying. The scope is built extremely solid and the construction is quality.

Low Light Performance
As a predator hunter I spend a lot of time hunting in the dawn and dusk hours and need an optic that provides clarity and light gathering capability and exceeds in these conditions. The Panorama EV did not let me down in this test. The scope captures more than enough light to provide a clear picture from well before to well after legal shooting light. Even after I was unable to see clearly with the naked eye I could look through the scope and still see a clear picture with an exceptional amount of detail. Add in the variable settings for the illuminated reticle and this scope is a force to be reckoned with during low light conditions. I also tested this scope after dark with snow on the ground to see how it would perform for night hunting applications and was once again impressed. With a full moon on snow cover the Panorama performed just as well as during daylight hours and would make a great scope for night hunters.

Field of View / Target Acquisition
Here in Michigan predator hunting means that you are often hunting thick swamps and wood lots instead of open expanses. This is where FOV is most important as it allows you to quickly acquire the target. The Panorama EV on the base magnification has a field of view of 33ft at 100yds and provides one of the widest fields of view on the market for similar power scopes. This large viewing area combined with the clean ½ mil-dot reticle makes target acquisition quick and easy which is imperative when hunting predators.

Reticle Performance / Magnification
The reticle on the Panorama EV is really responsive and made sighting in a breeze. Reticle adjustments for windage and elevation were immediate and accurate every time and allowed me to “walk” the bullets right into the bullseye. The adjustments are high quality and it is easy to feel and hear the clicks when adjusting. While hunting I found that the 4-12×40 magnification was more than ample to suit my needs. The scope maintained its focus and clarity even when dialed up to 12 power and is about perfect for hunting applications. I do wish they offered the Panorama in a 4-16×40 model for longer range shooting and target shooting but that is just personal preference.

When i’m predator hunting my rifle and optics go through a lot of abuse. Driving and walking through tough terrain means they are bounced around a lot and it’s paramount that the rifles accuracy is not compromised. To test the durability of the scope I brought it along on my spring turkey hunt to Wyoming. I was very pleased when after the 4 flights and over 2 hours in the bed of a truck on washboard gravel roads that the rifle was still on zero. I shot the rifle in Wyoming and again when I returned home and the scope and reticle where exactly where they were after sighting in. This is exactly what i’m looking for in quality and durability.

I am a huge proponent of the rule that you get what you pay for in terms of quality, especially when it comes to optics. The Hawke Panorama EV 4-12×40 blows this theory out of the water and delivers a stellar riflescope that performs well above its price point. Hawke delivers above and beyond my expectations with the Panorama EV and is poised to revolutionize the scope market with high quality riflescopes at reasonable prices. Next time you need a quality riflescope that performs at a higher standard without breaking the bank give Hawke a call and see what all the buzz is about.

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Adam “Opie” Kujacznski
FLG Pro Staff

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